Listen Ear

ListenEar dosimètre de bruit au travail

Le ListenEar est un dosimètre de bruit sans fil pour mesurer et enregistrer l'exposition individuelle au bruit.
Batterie interne rechageable avec une autonomie jusqu’à 160 heures!

- View instantaneous noise level and exposure on LCD display
- Use Mobile Phone application to control and view data
- Battery time 160 hours / 4 working weeks
- Charged using USB
- Complies to international standards: IEC 61672-1, IEC 61252
- Two Simultaneous Dosimeters in one
- Produce a daily report and stats by downloading data
- Default 8 hour day, adjustable in menu
- Tamper proof facility
- Low power radio function - base station mounting
- Bright LED for dose alarm warning
- Contains A,C and Z-weighting filters
- Built in or External Microphone
- Data logging - Sound / temperature / humidity / movement
- No USB Drivers required to download data
- Class 2 sound level meter
- Includes movement and orientation monitor
- Records Temperature and Relative Humidity

Fiche produit ListenEar

 The ListenEar can be controlled by an android application.
 The app allows starting and stopping a measurement, displaying the current measurement results and time history graph.
the Listen Ear app
the Listen Ear app
the Listen Ear app

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